I have just purchased a Signature Pioneer UDP LX800
I have had previous purchases from Audiocom AV in the past, hence I had no concerns at being a returning customer.

I was not disappointed. I have just purchased a Signature Pioneer UDP LX800 which was bought to replace my current CD /SACD ( dCS Puccini) player and separate Arcam FMJ UDP411 Blu Ray player.

The Pioneer is an outstanding player without the Audiocom upgrades but with, it is in another world. My current players were no slouches but this is in a different class and a joy to use, either as a two channel stereo for music or a full blown theatre experience Add to this excellent after sales service I have no hesitation in recommending both this product and the company.


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Oppo Signature Players
I am OPPO enthusiast for the last 10 years. Each new version added to the quality of picture and sound. I owned OPPO 83, OPPO 93 and 95, OPPO 103 and 105. Finally, I had Audiocom Signature OPPO 103 Darbee and Audiocom Signature OPPO 105, which I thought at that time to be the best picture and sound I ever experienced with blu-ray player.

I am buying different HiFi components for the last 25 years and can assure you that Audiocom upgrades players to the sound level not possible to experience in up to £10,000 category, so it worth every penny. It is also very important to know, that Mark from Audiocom will always help you after sale. You are always in a good hands with Audiocom. I purchased Audiocom Signature UDP-205 in July 2018, mainly because OPPO announced that it will to stop making new players, and I wanted to buy their latest product. I was smashed by the quality of picture and sound. I bought a second one immediately and using one with plasma display and another with 4K projector.

The build quality is superb. Tray moves very smoothly and looks like it will last forever. Disc loading is very fast.Player makes no mechanical sounds during playback and no sound of fan. Smart position of heatsinks and ventilation grilles allows player to cool without having fan. Round shape front panel buttons makes it easier to operate with the player in the dark, or without looking at it directly, which is very convenient. Remote control became easier, without Netflix and Vudu buttons, it also backlit and motion sensitive, a great feature which I like very much. Main menu became much more elegant and a little bit easier to navigate.

The best connection with TV, or projector will be achieved by choosing Output resolution as Source Direct. There is a new option in HDMI management to choose YCbCr 4:4:4, which may produce better picture. Playback quality of 4K UHD Blu-ray discs is superb. I never seen such picture in my life, even in US Dolby Vision AMC theatres. UDP-205 is the only player, which can strip the HDR metadata and output at 4K and down-convert the signal to SDR, if the display or projector don't support HDR, or struggle with it. Blu-ray quality playback is phenomenal, I started re-watching my movie collection again, experiencing old movies like never before. DVD playback gives very impressive quality of picture, comparable with standard blu-rays.

It is worth to mention that UDP-205 plays Blu-Rays and DVDs from All Regions and Zones, which allow you to buy discs on US Amazon six months before its UK release. Audiocom OPPO Signature UDP-205 is a must buy.

If you love great picture and sound, do not give up on physical media, it is the only option in UK due to low internet speed and poor content proposition. OPPO is about to wrap its production and it is the last chance to jump on this train. Remember Kuro Plasma panels, out of production for five years and still unmatched in the quality of picture… Dmitry I
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PS Audio Directstream
Hi Mark Excellent service. This is my first purchase from Audiocom. A bit of context, bought the Sonica as a replacement for a musical fidelity M1 Clic and as a precursor to the PS Audio Directstream (When funds allow).

My set comprises of Musical Fidelity AMS series : Ams50, Primo valve preamp and AMSCD, Primare BD32 mk1 Harbeth SHL5 and SBT for Roon. This is analog in digital sheep's clothing. The Oppo Sonica Dac Signature is a revelation very clean discreet and precise. Just over 100hrs burn -in and it's still improving I am very happy , surprised and pleased with the depth and clarity it has brought to my system. The only downside for me is the lack of a AES/EBU digital XLR input.

The challenge I now have is upgrading my cables and possibly sending my Primare BD32 to Audiocom so they work their alchemy. Conclusion- An impressive must buy! PS Audio will have to wait.
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Signature BD105
Hello Mark, Well, I'm now about two weeks in with the Signature BD105.
It completely blows the 'ordinary' BD105 away, and similar with the Primare BD32, which I may keep, may sell - can't make up my mind. I do know the 'Signature' is my favourite.

Many, many thanks, Martin
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I'm now really pleased with the 105D Signature
Hi Mark, After a few hiccups getting lip synch through the Oppo for TV (achieved best using Audio Return Channel on HDMI 2) and a few issues with streaming due to my PC and protection software, I'm now really pleased with the 105D Signature.

Sound quality is fantastic with my very analytical electrostatic speakers. Cannot fault what I'm hearing. This baby does it all!
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Oppo 105D Signature
Hi Mark, I received the Oppo 105D Signature.
It is an awesome machine, most musical disc spinner I have ever heard. The difference is very obvious to my standard 105EU i bought from you over 2 years ago. Even my wife noticed the difference in sound quality, and she knows nothing about hifi. Its definitely a notch just above my £12K worth of Meridian 861 Dac/pre. Cleaner. Better dynamics.

As a bonus the Signature is region free bluray, which my 105EU was not. Amazing how just a couple of thousand or so modifying a £1000 player with better clocks, psu and component upgrades, can make such a difference. Why don't manufacturers do this? It also sounds overall better than my friends expensive Naim CD player which we tried last night.

I also noticed the picture is cleaner, with brighter whites etc. I spoke to James S at Oppo last night, who i know personally, and he said put Darbee at around 40%. This improved picture even further on my projector. James
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Dear Mark : your product created a new reference in BD player. For the first time (pursuing this goal for more than 30 years, since VHS , LASER DISC time ) i can watch a DVD or a BLUE RAY DISC , with a crystalline image and with a high end sound.
Normally all these equipments have a poor audio session , and the sound of the discs have some harshness , agressivity , common to many CDS. We audiophiles look for equipments that try to give us a sound similar with live music, nothing more !.
To hear a trumpet without a metallic sound , to can differentiate the sound of a violin Amati from Cremona , from a Stradivarius, a piano sound of Steinway , compared with a Bosendorf. It seems obvious but what happened is , that except some OPPO players , the comercial brands don't follow this target , the sound is disagreeable, miss a lot.

Trying to get it ,i use AUDIO RESEARCH ELETRONICS ALL VACUUM TUBES , CABLES INTERCONNECTS VAN DEN HUL SILVER IT BALANCED , P5 PSAUDIO POWER CONDITIONER , WIREWORLD PLATINUM HDMI CABLE , SHAKTI STONES , BW 802 SPEAKERS , TV SONY 4K NEW MODEL 9500 B (made in japan) with local dimming , with the blacks similar to TV KURO PLASMA . Recently i bought the best Sony bd player model 7200 , that follow the tv , the image is good ,and the sound poor ! ONCE YOU TRY THE OPPO 105 D SIGNATURE , IS A PROBLEM , YOU BECOME ADDICT YOU CANT STOP USING THIS EQUIPMENT! My old dvds became so different , the picture so beautiful and the sound much better , that it seems different discs. The DVD COOK YOUNG AND DIXON , recorded by JEFF ROLAND, you feel the force of the voice of Young , with the spectacular voice of the counter tenor Cook, and the bass of the organ. In the blue ray disc THREE MO DIVAS , you see crystal clear image , hearing sensational voices. In Harry Belafonte DVD , now i can see detailed the colors of the clothes of the artists , with the beautiful , sweet voice of Belafonte .

Congatulations Mark , you understood the needs of the audiophiles and videophiles :to watch a dvd disc , or a blue ray disc , with a spectacular sound , that in a good system , will be a high end sound, and excellent image ! With your 105 d Signature the difference will be the source,with a good source you have a marvellous image , with a correct sound. THE INDUSTRY SHOULD LEARN WITH YOU! YOU ARE A GENIOUS! Dr Octavio Maia Saliba M.D. audiophile
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OPPO BDP-105D Signature
Dear Mark, I’m enjoying your work every day, because the player [OPPO BDP-105D Signature] gives to me a lot of wonderful moments! The picture is unbelievable sharp and it has a really good colours and details.

Of course we changed the HDMI cable (AQ CARBON) for a new one in the ceiling. I’ve been on a demo and I saw the JVC 4K projector in 4K demonstration and it was poor… My source is not 4K, it is true, only full HD, but it has more picture dynamics, contour, and much more realistic colours!

Thank you again, Mark! Gerencsér Emil
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Oppo 103D Signature
Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I did receive Oppo 103D Signature on Friday; packaging was very good.

Audio is very impressive - bass and treble is so much more detailed and transients are breathtaking than what I used to hearing from Oppo BDP 95. I did compare the two playing AIX records demo disk and there is no question that new player is in a different league. My all Meridian surround system never sounded better! On the video side - improved black level and contrast is very obvious. What would you suggest for break in time?

Thank you! Alex [USA]
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OPPO BDP-105D Signature
Hello Mark Received player Monday(OPPO BDP-105D Signature). Great turnaround time!

Despite already experiencing BD viewing through a prism consisting of $25K Sony 84" HD TV, Audioquest Diamond HDMI cables, and a $150K B&W and MacIntosh sound system- I literally have been watching my first Oppo/AudioCom BD (latest X-Men) slack-jawed and physically transfixed, hypnotized by the incredible upgrading of the entire video and audio experience!

It's simply that good and that " in your face." I will be ordering another player as soon as I fiscally can. Amazing work, guys! Thanks again, Mark! Errol (USA)
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