Telos Quantum x2 Stickers

Telos Quantum x2 Stickers

Telos audio design quantum x2 stickers actively produce energy which eliminates electrostatic discharge and improves on the components’ efficiency.

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Supplied in a box of 20 pcs. The box contains a pair of application tweezers and a warranty card. 


Telos Quantum X2 Technique uses far-infrared element, anion ore which includes chemical and physical elements combined formula. Quantum X2 material formula was initially used for medical purposes and in manufacturing of semiconductor. This was then channeled into TELOS product design after Jeff Lin’s years of experimentation and manufacturing of products.

From the mass amount of Quantum X2 users’ experiences on their Hifi system feedbacks gathered; “the cleanliness and transparency of the signals have immediately achieved a big difference”. This is because any audio system which uses electricity is affected by electrostatic charge and the traditional methods for removing electrostatic charge were electrical grounding route planning with positive and negative ions generator and adverse electrostatic charge; an example will be a static fan and negative ion generator.

Quantum X2 products actively produce energy to stimulate electronic components. Once powered up, Quantum X2 resonance will be delivered to the rest of the audio equipment via current and optimizes the entire audio system’s electron and proton characteristic. Every Quantum X2 applied on the signal transmission path of audio equipment and cables produces 75cpm of far-infrared radiation and high-density negative ions to further eliminate electrostatic charge within the audio equipment. The far-infrared and negative ions energy spread throughout the entire system via the signal transmission path improves music playback atmosphere, soundstage, timbre, dynamics, and musical fidelity.

Every Quantum X2 sticker contains patented formula infra-red powder (which undergoes 36 hours of cryogenic process at -196oC), patented formula negative ion powder, titanium dioxide photocatalyst materials, silica wafer insulation coating material, pentoxide antistatic agent material, calcium oxide CAO desiccant material, zironia filter material and alumina structural ceramic material.
Official test reports from SGS proves that Quantum X2 exclusive formula is not harmful to humans as it is unleaded and free from highly polluted elements.

Recommend Use:

At present, all TELOS electronic product has been integrated with Quantum X2 technique; on printed circuits boards’ insulation, electronic parts to eliminate electrostatic discharge and improve on the components’ efficiency and overall Hifi system performance.
All Quantum Stickers product is suitable for all audio system and can be easily applied. By applying the Quantum Stickers at cable interconnect sections, IC chips, capacitors and resistors, this quickly allows worldwide audiophiles and music lovers to experience the advantage of Hifi tuning with ease. Comparing the Quantum X2 with the current tuning products available on the market, Quantum X2 can easily improve your Hifi and home theatre system, helping them reached their optimal performance.

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