Pioneer UDP-LX800 Signature

Pioneer UDP-LX800 Signature

Pioneer UDP-LX800 Signature universal audiophile 4K UHD high-end Blu-ray player developed for those who demand the best picture quality and sound.

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The Pioneer UDP-LX800 Signature is the successor to the highly acclaimed OPPO UDP-205 Signature, which has come to be regarded as the world’s best universal UHD Blu-ray player. The Pioneer UDP-LX800 Signature reaches an unprecedented level of performance for 4K Ultra HD, CD/SACD, lossless video and audio digital playback.

As expected in a flagship model the player is comprised of only the finest materials throughout. It adopts a discrete linear power supply, ultra-low noise voltage regulators, high precision audio clock, discrete operational amplifier stages. Every last corner of the players’ performance has been optimized to get the absolute best performance from your movie or music collection. To put it simply, the Pioneer UDP-LX800 Signature opens up a new horizon of high-end universal digital media players and sets a new benchmark!

Fully Discrete, Ultra-Low Noise Linear Power Supply: The power supply arrangements in high-end universal Blu-ray players are typically configured so that a high performance linear power supply is adopted for the analogue audio circuitry. For the main board (video and digital circuitry), we commonly find these circuits are powered from a lower cost switch mode power supply (SMPS).

To provide the highest level of performance, the Pioneer LX800 Signature uses a completely new power supply for the main board. The fully discrete power supply adopts a low noise toroidal transformer, discrete rectifiers and multiple, discrete ultra-low noise regulators. The discrete regulation circuit utilizes a very precise voltage reference with complimentary components to achieve the lowest noise floor.

The benefits of the new power supply are improved video, digital and analogue audio performance. The results are a cleaner picture with increased detail, truer colours, a more dynamic contrast and greater image depth. Both digital and analogue sound quality is significantly enhanced with better timing, greater depth, larger and more detailed three-dimensional space.

Femtosecond System Clock: A significant feature of the 800 Signature Edition is the very low jitter clock that is implemented for the main video processing. In the 800 Signature Edition we utilize a custom, very low jitter clock for the Mediatek System on Chip (SoC). The Reference clock achieves the highest level of accuracy and has a measured jitter performance of 77 femtoseconds (0.077 picoseconds - RMS: 100 Hz to 100 KHz) and +/- 0.5ppm stability, amongst the lowest jitter in the industry. As a result, the video image quality is more vivid image with greater clarity, better depth. Colours are bolder and richer, tones more natural.

Discrete, Ultra-low Noise Regulation: By using a discrete voltage regulation for the analogue audio circuitry we overcome the drawbacks of higher output noise, slower transient response of monolithic 3-pin regulators. A discrete regulator can be designed with parts selected for very low noise, fast transient response and ultimately sound quality. The discrete regulators we use have 1/168 output noise and nearly 2000 times the Ripple noise rejection (PSRR) of the monolithic regulators. This achieves a very low noise floor, while improving dynamic range and stereo separation.

Discrete I/V Conversion: The ES9026PRO DACs require a separate current to-voltage, (I/V converter which is normally achieved with a monolithic op-amp. For this stage where ultra-low noise, low distortion and uncoloured performance are required, we have selected a discrete op-amp. The choice of a fully discrete device has a significant impact on the sound quality with increased resolution, very low noise floor, and clean, neutral sound.

68 Femtosecond DAC Clock: The specifications and accuracy of the clock for the DAC are pivotal to sound quality. To extract the full potential from the LX800’s ES9026PRO DACs we implement a new ultra-low jitter clock with an astounding 68 Femtoseconds jitter RMS (frequency measurement 100 Hz to 100 KHz), that’s 0.068 Picoseconds, amongst the lowest in the industry. The clock utilizes ultra-low noise discrete regulator circuitry, 1.1nV/√Hz @1KHz with a PSRR of 132 db @ 6V. The new reference audio clock realizes the true potential of the ES9026PRO DACs! There is a marked increase in resolution and outstanding quality in reproducing recording space.

Hybrid Discrete Buffer Stage: The traditional monolithic op-amp buffer/driver stage is again replaced with hybrid discrete op-amp circuitry. These devices have very low noise, ultra-low distortion and achieve a lifelike sound-stage, with improved stereo separation and richer tones. 

RFI & Microphony: The operating conditions of video and audio are much improved when they can work in a quiet environment. Inside any Blu-ray player the video processing generates its own noise as well as succumbing to external noise which can affect the players overall performance. Here we incorporate materials at the component level for optimum power and signal transfer and reduced losses.

Premium Audio Grade Components: The component selection for power supplies and analogue audio has been extensively auditioned to attain the best possible performance. Premium audio grade components have been specially selected for power and signal paths and hand soldered with the finest WBT solder for the purest connection.

High Performance Connectors: It has been firmly established that the quality of AC power connections is a very important consideration in the performance of video and audio. With that priority in mind, we use a PUM pure Copper IEC inlet with Gold plated contacts for optimum power transfer. Hand-crafted litz cabling carries AC power from IEC to the power supplies for the highest quality mains connection. 

Multi-Zone Blu-ray & Region Free DVD: This player is Region Free for DVD & Multi Zone for Blu-ray. This is a modification for the Pioneer that enables the player to play movies from different regions or zones. The DVD and Blu-ray region code change is easily done with the remote control from the setup menu, there is no need to reboot the player.

2-Year warranty: This product is covered by a 2-year Audiocom warranty. 


› Power Requirements: AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz 
› Power Consumption: 42 W 
› Power Consumption During Standby: 0.45 W (Full)/1.4 W (Network Standby On) 
› Dimensions (W X H x D): 435 x 131 x 339 mm 
› Weight: 15.2 kg

For other specifications please refer to the Pioneer UDP-LX800 datasheet;

15 Kg

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