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High Fidelity Cables Orchestral Helix Power Cable
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The Orchestral series cables are master-grade magnetically assisted devices designed to lower distortion for the most dedicated audiophile systems. Like all High Fidelity Cables, these devices are used to replace the traditional high-end audio cable with a new patented and proven technology that delivers greatly improved sound. Simply remove your traditional high-end audio cable and replace it with the correlating magnetic “High Fidelity Cable".
High Fidelity Cables CT-2 Double Helix Signature Power Cable
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The CT-2 is one of our most popular products offering extremely high-end performance. It was designed to outperform any level of performance that can be achieved through a high end audio cable, even the ultra-expensive products that we see more and more of.  One of the main requests we have heard over the years is to use our technology to build a cable that would outperform the very expensive products we now see in the high end audio cable industry but without the big price tag. CT-2 has proven now to be just that product. It is a cable that is easily discernible in musicality, clarity, dynamics, sound staging, imaging, and tonality, all with incredible speed and realism.
High Fidelity Cables CT-2 Power Cable
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Introducing the new CT-2 Series. A new magnetic moment begins now.The CT-2 Series is an entirely new cable design that resets the core offering of our family of magnetic conductors. It is the numerical successor of our very first line - the CT-1 Series - that put us on the map way back in 2012. We've learned a lot since then, and the culmination of all of our discoveries has trickled down from our massive reference level Helix conductors down to the new elegantly compact design of the CT-2.
High Fidelity Cables Reveal Power Cable
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The Reveal is the newest addition to the HFC family of the cables. It was created with one particular goal in mind: to re-define the limits of magnetic conduction, a common-sense yet controversial technology. Magnetic Conduction by nature is so unique that these cables really shouldn’t even be called "cables" as they work from a completely different electrical model.
High Fidelity Cables NanoParticle Solution-1260
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Our First NanoParticle Solution. NPS-1260 Three Dimensionality Enhancer!This is a powerful dimension and clarity enhancer that dramatically improves the three-dimensionalities of audio systems improving clarity, sound-staging in imaging. It has an extremely dramatic effect on distortion reduction which allows the systems natural capability of dimensionality, musicality, sound staging, and imaging to be dramatically increased. This revolutionary new product is unlike anything ever made. There is no product in audio that offers so much benefit for so little.