Mains Products

Mains products for Hi-Fi and home cinema systems. Getting your system connected with the right choice materials can markedly improve performance, so only use plugs, connectors and sockets machined from Copper or Silver. Gold or Rhodium plating serves to prolong the connection quality, since neither Gold or Rhodium will tarnish. 

PS Audio P20 Power Plant
The DirectStream Power Plant 20 is our most powerful AC regenerator ever with 2000 watts of pure regenerated power, and the first to accept both 20 amp and 15 amp power cables. The massive P20 is our finest expression of the art of pure power delivery, providing more than enough power for an entire system. Regardless of incoming power quality the P20 outputs clean, protected, low impedance, regulated power you can count on for the most demanding systems in the world.
Telos Audio Grounding Noise Reducer V3.1
After a long term research by Telos Audio Design founder Jeff Lin. Telos haTaiwan-M531099s found some way to make GNR performs much better than it used to be. Which is Version 3.1 upgrade.For the version 3.1 upgrade, We are doing parts specially selection, By a high accurate way(similar to what FM acoustic does) And this takes effort by only two engineers with such ability.