High Fidelity Cables Reveal XLR

High Fidelity Cables Reveal XLR

High Fidelity Cables Reveal XLR use patented magnetic conduction technology redefining the performance of high-end cables at this price point. 

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The High Fidelity Reveal Balanced XLR is part of the newest addition to a line-up of cables developed by Rick Schultz of High Fidelity Cables (HFC). The objective behind the Reveal series was to redefine the limits of magnetic conduction, which is a unique and patented technology featured in all HFC products. 

The principle of magnetic conduction is so unique, that these cables should not really be referred to as ‘cables’ because the High Fidelity Cables work on a completely different electrical model. These cables not only carry electricity but also electromagnetism which distinguishes them from another other audio cable on the market. This fact starts to define the innovation behind these cables, they not only work on one realm of electrical energy but both.

Renowned audio critic, the late Harry Pearson and founder of ‘The Absolute Sound’ magazine expressed that he never liked reviewing audio cables yet realized the vital importance of cables and how they can make or break the sound of any Hi-Fi system. He concluded that cables have to sound better than merely good, and work well with any audio system regardless of the choice of components. On discovering the High Fidelity Cables and the profound new technology he shared his enthusiasm on the HFC CT-1 interconnects, and we quote; “These cables really do live up to their name in terms of creating the sense of “Aliveness” inherent in music itself.

The challenge behind designing the Reveal range of cables and set by Rick Schultz was to create a cable that outperforms all other high-end wire. To design a product that would cost less but have higher performance than any other reference audio cable. 

This challenge resulted in the new Reveal range of cables, a cable that ‘reveals’ the technical advantages and differences of magnetic conduction and exceeds the performance of other high-end audio cables regardless of price. 

Audition the Reveal range of cables today in your Hi-Fi system and hear the benefits of magnetic conduction with a 30-day home trial. Terms and conditions apply.

*Magnetic Conduction is a directional technology. For proper performance please be sure that the arrows on your cables point away from your source and toward your amps/outputs.

For information on how magnetic conduction works  in cables please see here; 

high fidelity cables technology 

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