We have a wide range of high-end Hi-Fi separates that features brands such as Audioquest, Pioneer and many more!

Pioneer N-70AE
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All Pioneer achievements in the field of digital music reproduction, have been combined in the N-70AE network-player and married with state-of-the-art streaming technology. The result is a player that won´t let you miss anything: music of every style, from any location, and in any file format will sound more natural, richer and more sweeping than ever before via the N-70AEs audiophile D/A-converters. Channel-separated high-quality conversion circuits (ESS SABRE 9016), fully-balanced signal processing as well as the Pioneer proprietary PQA (jitter suppression), HiBit32 (upsampling) and Lock Range Adjust function are working congenially.
Pioneer PD-70AE
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CD AND SACD REFERENCE PLAYER – ALSO AS A WORLD CLASS D/A CONVERTER. The Pioneer development team left nothing to chance with the PD-70AE, consistently pursuing its overriding objective: optimum stereo playback of CDs and SACDs. This consistency is apparent the first time one encounters the player, which weighs a solid 18kg and receives discs in a massive aluminium drawer. The construction of the housing with double floor, three interior assemblies and encapsulated aluminium drive block serves as the perfect, vibration-free mechanical foundation. Separate power supplies for the digital and analogue switching ranges guarantee spotlessly clean supply voltages.
PS Audio Sprout 100 Mini
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Sprout represents our vision of a simple, elegant means of playing music at home. We created it for those of us who want quality sound without the hassles that sometimes come with it. Sprout offers sonic ideals and design principles enjoyed by many thousands of users daily. Its ease of use should make it appealing and accessible to those who would find most audio gear intimidating; it should also appeal to those who have “been there, done that” and seek a better, simpler way to play music in their home.
PS Audio Stellar S300
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Breathe new life into your loudspeakers with the Stellar S300, one of the most extraordinary under $5,000 stereo power amplifiers ever crafted. The S300 combines the slam, linearity, and toe-tapping pacing of a Class D output stage with the warmth, grace, and rich inner detail of Stellar’s Class A Analog Cell. The results are nothing short of ground breaking.
Pioneer SE-CH9T
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Introducing the SE-CH9T from Pioneer, a premium dynamic headphone delivering immersive Hi-Res Audio in comfort. Original drivers developed for Hi-Res Audio reproduce frequencies between 5 Hz–50 kHz, allowing the true harmonic character of audible sound to be reproduced while restoring a sense of spaciousness to your music. Airflow Control Port assists by separating mid- and low-frequency bands, bringing the richness of vocals to life in stunning detail. Nozzles are of brass-and-aluminium construction to prevent resonance, serving controlled, punchy bass in any music played on a smartphone or Digital Audio Player. Inline mic and controls, detachable over-the-ear cables, and reinforced ear tips make these headphones a comfortable choice for high-definition sound on the go.
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The AI-503 is an integrated amp and USB DAC that supports inputs up to 11.2MHz DSD and 384kHz/32-bit PCM. The DAC/preamp, which is the heart of the unit, follows the same design concept of our UD-503 and adopts a dual-mono circuit design that is fully balanced.
ModWright PH 9.0 Tube Phono Stage
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Easy load adjustment from the front panel! Easy gain adjustment! Two Phono inputs! Mono Switch!MC Gain: 64dB (58dB, 52dB) MM Gain: 52dB (46dB, 40dB) Gain Adjust: 0, -6dB, -12dB Inputs: MM & MC MC Loading: 10-20-50-100-250-470 MM Loading: 47K fixed. Stereo/Mono: Rear Toggle. Frequency: 20Hz – 50Khz (+/-.2dB) Tubes: (2)6C45, (2)6922/6dj8/7308 Power Supply: External, solid-state Phono Dim = 10“Wx10“Dx4“H Power Supply Dim = 7“Wx9“Dx3“H Power Umbilical: 4-pin XLR, 6 ft
Sparkos Labs Aries Headphone Amplifier and Preamp
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All of Sparkos Labs' discrete op amps and voltage regulators have come together to form their first piece of actual audio gear.  The Aries Headphone Amplifier and Preamp.  It utilizes their Pro discrete op-amps for the main audio path, their DIP8 discrete op-amps for managing line-level inputs and outputs, and their discrete voltage regulators in the power supply.
Pioneer N-50AE
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THE CHALLENGING SOLUTION FOR ALL STREAMING TASKS The N-50AE is designed to give musicians maximum freedom and diversity. No matter which path you prefer, discover and enjoy music, whether it's a smartphone, cloud music services, a local NAS server, a USB hard disk or simply a PC: the new N-50AE streaming unit always opens up music the ideal playback option, without you having to think about it or even get used to it. The integrated streaming services Tidal, Deezer and Spotify, DLNA streaming with full HiRes and DSD support, TuneIn's premium Web radio offering as well as AirPlay, integrated Chromecast technology for connecting mobile devices ensure an inexhaustible music repertoire.
PS Audio Stellar M700
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Enjoy an unheard of level of control and command from your loudspeakers with the Stellar M700, one of the most extraordinary under $5,000 power amplifier pair ever crafted. The M700 combines the slam, linearity, control and pacing of a Class D output stage with the warmth, grace, and rich inner detail of Stellar’s Class A Analog Cell. The results are nothing short of breathtaking. Liberate all the toe-tapping energy trapped in your media library.
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The NT-505 is a flagship dual monaural USB DAC with versatile network playback capabilities. It successfully incorporates the latest network technologies, along with TEAC’s decades of accumulated audio design experience, in an attractive package with an A4-sized footprint.
ModWright PH 150 Reference Tube Phono Stage
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The PH 150 is an all tube-transformer coupled design with external SS PS 150 power supply. Max gain = 72dB. MM/MC, Stereo/Mono, RCA and XLR (fully balanced outs) and rear phase toggle. Resistive and capacitive loading may be adjusted on-the-fly via front panel controls.