Bybee Internal Quantum Signal Enhancer (IQSE)

Bybee Internal Quantum Signal Enhancer (IQSE)

Bybee Internal Quantum Signal Enhancer or iQSE is designed for installing in AV components, lowers the noise floor noise and enhances performance. 

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The Bybee Internal Quantum Signal Enhancer (iQSE) is a small 100mm L x 50mm D x 13mm H device housed in wood. It is designed to be installed inside the chassis of an audio or video equipment bringing it closer to the energy fields generated by the internal circuitry. There is no soldering, or any type of electrical connection required. It adheres to the inside of the component via double sided tape. We recommend sticking one on the underside of the chassis lid away from heat generating circuitry and not blocking air ventilation.

Like its sibling the Quantum Signal Enhancer, it's activated by surrounding electromagnetic energy, but has also been designed and engineered to be more effective by creating an extended electric and magnetic field. Once activated, the extended electric and magnetic fields affects the polarity of all electrons and protons in close proximity; affecting their oscillation by making them more aligned with each other. This reaction creates an affect that makes the transfer or sharing of electrons between atoms more streamline and efficient. The results are a stunningly enhanced purity and energy of the video or audio signal. Of note, the active elements inside the iQSE are specially formed crystals that are resistant to damage and will never lose their effectiveness.

How to use it:The Bybee iQSE is typically placed on the underside of the top cover of the equipment chassis. The iQSE is activated by all forms of surrounding energy and the best placement is closest to the audio or video signal circuitry. It must be kept away from heat generating circuitry and not block air ventilation. 

Benefits:   Even the best 4K Blu-ray players you will see better contrast, visual detail and colour fidelity. In audio systems, bass frequencies are faster and more impactful, and high frequencies become more extended, more open and natural, without edginess. The critical midrange sounds more musical, more liquid and less "electronic." The overall presentation of imaging and sound-staging becomes both more precise and more enveloping.

We are so confident in this product that we offer a 30-days sale or return. Products must be returned at buyers cost in A1 resalable condition with all packing.

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