Akiko Audio Minelli Power Conditioner

Akiko Audio Minelli Power Conditioner

Akiko Audio Minelli is a compact, passive power conditioner consisting of 3 separate carbon chambers to lower noise in your audio or video system.

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The Akiko Audio Minelli is a passive power conditioner which features 3 separate woven carbon chambers that treat the Live, Neutral and Earth poles on the AC mains supply.  It uses proven high-frequency noise reduction techniques from there top Corell conditioner, and designed into a more compact, affordable product.  

A newly developed power conditioner which cleans the power in your set in a unique way, without using any electrical components or active power filtering. Achieves noise reduction without any negative side effects such as a loss of dynamics or natural sound.

The inside of the Minelli is made up of three woven carbon units, uniquely tailored to suit their task. The neutral, phase and grounding are each treated separately. Furthermore, the device is stabilised with black resin to repress unwanted microphonic effects and the aluminium front panel has had an extensive energetic treatment.

Akiko Audio products have been proven to work by measuring their effects. Reducing the high frequency noise will create a more relaxed music rendering and increase the pleasurable you experience from listening to music.

What improvements can you expect:

  • An honest and neutral sound.
  • Improved timing and micro-dynamics.
  • Cleaner music rendering.
  • Remarkable improvements in voice rendering. 
  • By lowering the high frequency noise, listening to music becomes more pleasant; listening fatigue doesn’t get a chance.
  • Overtones and small details become more audible because of the lower noise floor. This makes instruments more recognizable and increases emotion whilst enjoying your music.


Connect to a power strip, power distributor or wall socket whichever your equipment is connected to.


Besides or on top of your equipment, or on the floor. The Minelli isn’t critical of its positioning.

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